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7 Things We Learned about EALS 2018

The Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium is an incredible learning and growing experience for the executive committee members managing the event, but we always want to know more about the attendee experience so that we can continue to make EALS better for everyone involved. At EALS 2018, a short, voluntary survey was distributed to each of our attendees with their Symposium program and then collected at the end of the day.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Here's 7 things we learned from the results:

1. EALS 2018 attendees had a lot to say about the panels

Survey participants were asked to share a short answer on what they thought about the programming offered at the Symposium. The picture above uses their responses to create an image of keywords and phrases about EALS 2018. The larger the word, the more times it was shared.

2.EALS attendees are arts managers, professionals, and (mostly) students

Emerging really is the key word of Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium. Anyone interested in the arts can find something to love at the Symposium, but we especially want to create a unique space and community for up-and-coming arts managers looking for networking, professional development, and engaging conversations on various issues in the field. And if you’re a student or young professional who hasn’t attended EALS before...

3. Most attendees had never been to EALS before

...We would love to see you at next year’s Symposium!

4. Half of the people attending EALS also attended Arts Advocacy Day

EALS has traditionally been a kickoff event for American’s for the Arts’ Arts Advocacy Day, which brings together more than 700 grassroots advocates from across the country to underscore the importance of strong public policies for the arts. We are honored every year to end our day of programming with an AFTA townhall, and this year’s discussion on arts education was especially energizing. EALS can be a great opportunity to network and start conversations with fellow advocates, especially for people travelling from outside DC to attend Arts Advocacy Day. And speaking of travelling...

5. There were EALS attendees from all over

We were so excited to see how far some of our survey respondents had traveled to attend EALS, and we hope to make it even easier in the future for arts leaders outside the DMV and mid-atlantic to join us at the Symposium. Special shoutout to the Carnegie Mellon Arts Management students for representing Pittsburgh so well in this survey! Did you know there’s a special rate for large groups? If you’re part of a program or organization that would like to attend EALS, please contact us at for more information.

6. EALS 2018 attendees were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience

We're so thrilled that everyone enjoyed the Symposium as much as we did, and of course...

7. Everyone surveyed would attend EALS again

...We would love to have you attend again! EALS 2019 is almost a year away, but we’ve already started work to make it even better. Stay tuned for exciting updates and announcements, and join the conversation by signing up below to receive emails, and following EALS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the next Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium.

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