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What to Look Forward to at the 2021 Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium: Part 1

unique benefits of a digital experience

Top Advantages to Attending our Virtual Symposium:

  1. Invest in your career without having to break out your business attire – Gain valuable knowledge from prominent art leaders while never leaving the comfort of your home. All sessions will be recorded and made exclusively available for participants to enjoy during and after the symposium.

  2. Alternative accessible learning – We will provide alternative learning options such as workshops hosted by Calling All Allies, student-produced podcast series, and interactive group discussion sessions.

  3. NETWORKING – The networking EALS opportunities to exchange industry insights and establish valuable connections can’t be beaten! Networking is a benefit of any event, but it is more important than ever during this time of social distancing.

  4. EALS Portal - We will be using the event management tool Sched to serve as the key online hub during the symposium. The portal will have exclusive content only available to participants, including day-of resources, lunchtime activities, access to the podcast series, and a virtual photo booth.

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