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Former EALS Group Attendee Perspective

Hello all! My name is Cameron Abaroa and I am an MFA Arts Administration Candidate at Southern Utah University, and an EALS attendee!

A little bit about me

I had studied both Media Communications and Musical Theatre while attending my undergrad at Brigham Young University - Hawaii. I eventually found a beautiful harmony (pun intended) between the two in Arts Management.

I have a passion for bringing the arts into the public sphere, and my goals are to join an arts organization in Public Relations, Outreach, or Education. I would also love to work in the public sector for a government arts agency.

What I loved about EALS

First and foremost, the keynote address by Jaqueline Lawton was an incredible experience. Her speech on diversity and integration not only strengthened my personal resolve to be an advocate to have everyone "at the table", but also strategies on how to best be an advocate.

I loved the panel sessions. One especially memorable experience was in the panel "Oh the Places You'll Go!" talking about careers and professional development. It was led by the incredible Karen Allen Baxter (among some other incredible professionals, but Ms. Baxter stuck out), who in that panel became a personal hero of mine. She talked about her non-traditional way of becoming an arts manager,and encouraged us to find our own way.

But most of all... EALS was a networking dream! I met awe-inspiring students and professionals from all over the United States as I met and spoke with them.

EALS helped bring a national face to an industry I loved.

My Recommendations

Food: We the Pizza was hands down my favorite restaurant in D.C. If you're looking for a great dessert, head on over to Captain Cookie and the Milkman over by George Washington University

Museums: The National Gallery. I am not ashamed to admit that stood in the Impressionist room weeping. I did not get to go to the African American History Museum, and I regret it. I'm also a huge Shakespeare nerd, so the Folger Library was a must must!

Monuments: Lincoln Memorial (duh!), but the WWII memorial was one of my favorites.

Events: If you haven't already, sign up for the Americans for the Arts - Arts Day on the Hill!

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