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EALS Ambassador Group

The EALS Ambassador Group is an opportunity for arts management students from across the country to be involved in the planning of the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium . Our ambassadors have a voice in the larger conversation we at EALS are aiming to have by contributing to our blog, offering insight into planning panelists and speakers, and helping to market the symposium in their communities. In return, Ambassadors receive insider access and a chance to closely network with the EALS committee, other EALS ambassadors, and professionals in the field. Benefits include:


  • Year-long networking opportunities with fellow students, young professionals, & veterans in the field

  • The chance to have your work featured on our blog

  • Insider access in the planning of key strategy, marketing and events

  • Special recognition at EALS events, on our blog, and through our social media

  • Shaping what you see at the next Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium!


If you are interested in becoming an EALS Ambassador or have any other questions, please email!


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