Definition of SMORG

SMORG (noun):

         1. Short for smorgasbord

         2. A professional development and networking feature designed to enhance your symposium experience through                 art; dive into art to synthesize your EALS insights and takeaways

   Synonym: the name of a curious, yet friendly, dinosaur



SMORG is designed to shake up the typical symposium/conference experience to get attendees involved in a meaningful way.  SMORG was created in response to previous attendees’ desire for more opportunities to network and the unique opportunity to provide a space for attendees to digest their symposium experience before they even leave the building.  It is designed to capture the inspiration, insights, and knowledge shared among EALS’s existing attendees by giving them a space and structure to express what they’ve learned through collaboration, cross-pollination, a little bit of chaos, and (of course) art!