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What is the EALS Committee looking forward too?

We are only five days away from the most ambitious symposium yet. The EALS committee has spent many hours together, planning, coordinating, and sometimes dancing, to ensure that #EALS2016 lives up to the greatest expectations of everyone planning to attend. When you ask us what we’re excited for, we’ll all agree that EALS has an incredible line-up of speakers, but beyond that we are each looking forward to different things…


I’m excited to see so many arts managers come together. Last year, I remembered how warm and excited everyone was and meeting so many great new colleagues. I’m excited for that feeling of camaraderie again!


Excited for all the panelists and the wealth of knowledge and experience they’ll bring to this year’s panel topics.


This is my third EALS, and I’m as excited about it this year as I was as a prospective graduate student looking to meet other students who had to make the big graduate school decision. Now I’m excited to see the old friends and familiar faces who regularly return to EALS. It reminds me how small our community can get at times like this. Then I see the geographical range of attendees, and I remember the power of our size and numbers.


I am excited to meet and get to know all of the different people who are coming to EALS. Having young arts leaders from throughout DC and all over the country come together for the day creates such an awesome opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues.


I am thrilled about this year’s theme and learning strategies to connecting art to every aspect of our lives. There are a great variety of panelists this year, and I am excited to hear personal experiences, examples of creative work in practice, and advice on how to emerge as a professional in the arts world.


I am looking forward to the great panels and learning from people who are doing great work in such a variety of arts-related fields.


I am very excited to get the chance to hear from and speak to our many guests, speakers and panelists. I’ve been so honored to serve on the committee, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the day has in store.


I’m looking forward to a million different things. If I have to pick one, I’ll say that I’m most excited to listen in on the exchanges between attendees after an inspiring conversation. There’s nothing cooler than watching two arts administrators totally geek out over what they just heard. I’m also excited for slam poetry, meeting new friends from across the country, seeing old friends from across the country, this year’s addition of workshops, every. single. speaker., watching the day come together, seeing connections happen, a deep breath at the end of the day, hearing my beautiful friend, Phil, play the violin. And the artichoke dip that the caterers bring…. it’s so good.

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