Panel Topics and Panelists for EALS 2016



A Response to Genocide: Exploring Collective Memory Through Participatory Arts 


Moderator: Marisa Beahm Klein, Editor/Writer at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Panelist: Amy Fagin, Executive Director at Beyond Genocide

Panelist: Pete Pin, Photographer and Teaching Artist

Panelist: Dr. Margaret Polizos Peterson, Assistant Clinical Professor and Co-Director of UMdWP at the University of Maryland, College Park 


The panel will focus around the question, "How can art respond to and help heal the effects of genocide, exodus, and diaspora?" It will explore how different artistic mediums and organizations have been used to create a conversation in regards to how such atrocities may be prevented in the future.

*Panelists will make a short presentation about their work before a moderated discussion and brief Q&A.*


Hitting Refresh on Your Organization: Renewal and Rebranding


Moderator: Lisa Richards Toney, Vice President and Chair of Strategic Planning for the Mosaic Theater Company of DC Board of Directors

Panelist: Maureen Dwyer, Executive Director of Sitar Center

Panelist: Cathy Crane Frankel, Vice President for Exhibitions and Collections of the National Building Museum

Panelist: Adele Robey, CEO and Co-Founder of  Anacostia Playhouse


Organization renewal and rebranding can be daunting. Whether it is a renovation, a merger or a need to shake things up, our expert panelists have already undergone the process and are here to share their stories. We have captured panelists at various stages of renewal and rebranding from different fields to provide a fresh take on how to survive and succeed.

*Panelists will make a presentation about their work before a brief moderated discussion and Q&A.*

Law and Art: Simplifying the Complex


Moderator: Peter C. Wolk, Founder and Executive Director of the National Center for Nonprofit Law

Panelist: Patricia Aufderheide, Founder of the Center for Media & Social Impact and Professor in the School of Communication at American University 

Panelist: Christine Haight Farley, Professor of Law at American University Washington College of Law

Panelist: John L. Simson, Executive-in-Residence and Program Director Business and Entertainment at Kogod School of Business, American University 


The intersection of art and the law can get complicated very quickly. From copyright to fair use, to intellectual property - there's a lot for arts managers to know. Our distinguished panelists navigate these waters every day and are here to help demystify the legalese. Join them for a conversation that will leave you with a better understanding of the basics of law in the art world

*Panelists will make a short presentation about their work before a moderated discussion and brief Q&A.*

Labor Unions and Their Role in the Arts


Moderator: Andrew Taylor Professor at American University and Founder of "The Artful Manager" weblog

Panelist: Monica O. Montgomery, Director of the Museum of Impact, Co-Founder of Museum Hue, & founding member of Museum Workers Speak

Panelist: Paul H. Schultz, and Associate Professor at Howard University

Panelist: Marissa LaRose, Assistant General Manager Arena Stage


As more workers enter the field, and the work of arts organizations more demanding, the topic of labor unions in the arts is becoming more paramount to arts workers. This panel will look at labor unions in the arts from the perspective of a formal union for theater musicians, informal labor unions like Museum Workers Speak, and labor unions from the viewpoint of the arts organization.  

*Panelists will make a short presentation about their work before a moderated discussion and brief Q&A.*

Concurrent Roles: Leaders Who Are Artists First


Moderator: Steven Dawson, Associate Director of Marketing and Sales, Woolly Mammoth Theater Company

Panelist: Mark Chalfant, Artistic and Executive Director, Washington Improv Theater

Panelist: Danielle Drakes, Manager of School Programs, Folger Shakespeare Library

Panelist: Caleen Jennings, Professor of Theatre,  American University


To create an arts organization, it takes brains, guts, and determination. Panelists reflect on their unique artist/manager narratives as they strive to establish new arts organizations in their communities. Ideas are becoming a reality requires persistence, strategy, and possibly a little luck.  The conversation will highlight the tools, connections, and motivations of the panelists to inspire young entrepreneurs and arts leaders.

*Panelists will make a short presentation about their work before a moderated discussion and brief Q&A.*

Building Community: Using Arts Education to Empower Youth Voice


Moderator: Jeff M. Poulin, Arts Education Program Manager at Americans for the Arts

Panelist: Carol A. Bogash, Vice President of Education and Community Engagement at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Panelist: Jon Hinojosa, Artistic/Executive Director of SAY Sí Artistic/Executive Director of SAY Sí

Panelist: Robyne Walker Murphy, Director of Membership Development and Engagement at the National Guild for Community Arts Education


In partnership with Americans for the Arts, we are presenting Building a Community: Using Arts Education to Empower Youth Voice. The arts are vital to community development. The education of young people is a responsibility of our communities. How can we leverage the transformative power of the arts to build youth voice? How can youth voice inform our creative communities? These questions and more will be at the center of the conversation with national leaders in arts education and community development.

*Panelists will make a short presentation about their work before a moderated discussion and brief Q&A.*