EALS 2016




The 9th annual Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium will be on March 6, 2016 at the Katzen Arts Center at American University. This year's theme + ART explores how the arts are integrated into all aspects of our lives. Whether in technology, politics, relationships, social justice, or countless other fields, art plays a major role in transformations happening right now. 


In the Americans for the Arts New Community Visions Initiative, AFTA outlines the benefits or art inclusivity as follows: 


When integrated fully [into the different components of the community], the arts can:

1. Transform systems by working at the intersection of different sectors, individuals, and communities

2. Amplify positive effects and mitigate negative effects

3. Increase participation, opportunity, and access”


How can we use art to increase access, participation, and opportunity not only in our communities but in our organizations, in our states, and on a global level? By examining the ways in which art intersects and interacts with various disciplines, we can discuss challenges, encourage collaboration, and promote powerful change. We hope you'll join the conversation.