EALS 2018 Panels and Activities

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Panel Sessions & Activities


Dear White Museums: The Role of Museums in Unmasking Society’s Inequities

One of the major hurdles to social progress is ignorance to the lived realities of people of color due to educational gaps and lack of contact with minority communities. Now, more than ever, museums are positioned to take a leadership role in breaking the trend of persistent and growing inequities through programming that provides historical context for present issues and exposes audiences to oppressed voices.


Dr. Nicole Ivy - Director of Inclusion, American Alliance of Museums

Stephanie A. Johnson-Cunningham - Co-Founder, Museum Hue

Dr. Maria Madison - Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Brandeis University


Ximena Varela - Director, Arts Management Program at American University

New Life for Old Music

Over the past decade, early music has seen a new approach to both its performance and production due to a renewed commitment to historically accurate instrumentation and interpretation. Increasingly, young musicians must engage in specialization to find a place in the workforce and early music that provides a viable and artistically satisfying career option. Patrons, captivated by the reimagining of the classics and the rediscovery of rarely performed compositions, have been generously motivated to support this new wave. With a rise in the number of Historical Performance programs in universities, and engagement with early music growing, how do we continue to share and champion this growing specialization?


Alice Culin-Ellison - Violinist, Bourbon Baroque

Edward Maclary - Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities, University of Maryland
Allison Mondel - Director, Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music; Singing Teacher, Georgetown and National Cathedral

Risa Browder - Professor of Baroque Violin and Historical Performance, Peabody Institute


Alexa Cantalupo - Founding Member, rogue collective

Responding to the Unthinkable: Handling an Arts Crisis

In a time of ever-changing news cycles and social media mayhem, the arts world is not immune to experiencing its own share of communication issues and reputation crises. When timing is crucial, how can arts managers prepare and respond when the unthinkable occurs?


Maleke Glee - Interim Executive Director, Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center

Allison Peck -  Director of Communications and Marketing, Hirshhorn Museum
Jenny Thomas - Director of Marketing and Communications, Association of Performing Arts Professionals


Jerelle Jenkins - Executive and Operations Associate, Association of Performing Arts Professionals

The Art of Exchange

The arts can be used to reach across cultures--fostering understanding and peace despite differences. Yet although this is widely accepted, cultural exchanges remain daunting. What strategies do arts managers use to overcome the challenges inherent in a cultural exchange?


Mirchaye Sahlu - Communications Associate, Alliance for International Exchange
Jennifer Schrock - Director of Cultural Exchange Programs, International Arts & Artists
Liz Shropshire -  Founder, Shropshire Music Foundation


Feby Varghese - Special Projects Manager, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Women in the Creative C-Suite: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Women are currently the directors of only: 24% of museums, 5 large ballet companies, and 1 of the top 15 opera companies. In the uniquely positioned field of arts management, women represent the majority of workers yet struggle to access equal pay or gain leadership positions in major creative institutions. How can we empower female emerging arts leaders to overcome these barriers while creating a more equitable work culture in the arts?


Chanel Compton - Executive Director, Prince George's African American Museum & Cultural Center

Catherine Dehoney -  Director, Chorus America

Meghan Pressman - Managing Director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Elizabeth Racheva - Chief Philanthropy Officer, Washington Performing Arts


Denise Saunders-Thompson - President & CEO, International Association of Blacks in Dance

Spotlight with Halcyon Arts Lab

Launched in October 2017, Halcyon Arts Lab supports emerging artists at the intersection of art and social change. This nine-month fellowship provides space, time, and access to fellows whose bold ideas address major issues of social justice and civic engagement. Situated specifically in Washington, DC, the program synthesizes entrepreneurship and art to foster fellows who can create impact through the unique lens of art and creativity.


Program Manager Nicole Dowd will discuss the impetus, administration, and goals of the Halcyon residency as a new program. She will be joined by two Halcyon artists who will speak about their experience as fellows and as socially-engaged artists in Washington, DC.



Nicole Dowd - Program Manager, Halcyon Arts Lab

Stephanie Mercedes - 2017 Halcyon Arts Lab Fellow; 2017 AIM Bronx Museum Fellow

Chloe Bensahel - 2017 Halcyon Arts Lab Fellow

Town Hall on the Future of Leadership in Arts Education

Join Robert L. Lynch, President & CEO of Americans for the Arts, for a town hall session to discuss the future of leadership in the field of arts education. Education is a vital component of every arts and cultural organization in America. Americans for the Arts will reveal its latest set of tools for emerging leaders hoping to broaden and diversify the leadership pipeline in the field of arts education through a facilitated

conversation with veteran and emerging arts education leaders, Akua F. Kouyate-Tate and Quanice G. Floyd. More information can be found online at www.AmericansfortheArts.org/EAEL

Robert L. Lynch, President & CEO, Americans for the Arts
Akua F. Kouyate-Tate, Director of Education, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts
Quanice G. Floyd, Founder, Arts Administrators of Color DMV Network

Lunch Workshops

Brown Faces White Spaces Live Podcast

Stuck On Simple: Moving Beyond Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. 

Join the BFWS Podcast in a live conversation on what it means to move beyond strategic plans towards social justice philosophy as an individual transformation. Hosted by Tevin Giddens and Marjon Wolfe. 

Resume Reviews by EALDC

Emerging Arts Leaders DC will host resume review tables during our lunchtime workshops. Symposium attendees who are interested in resume reviews will be able to sign up for a slot during the morning check-in time.

Yoga for the Creative Spirit

As the transitional nature of spring approaches, the air is full of the power of creation and becoming.  

With gentle, restorative asanas (yoga poses) and a guided meditation, we can harness the creative flow of the season. 

Accompanied by live music, this 45 minute practice will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and back in balance. 

Arts Administrators of Color Table

Founded in July 2016, the Arts Administrators of Color DMV Network (AAC) is an arts service network that focuses on networking and community building through the arts. We are committed to empowering artists and arts administrators by advocating for access, diversity, inclusion, and equity in the arts through our programs and resources. Meet the Arts Administrators of Color team at their table in the Katzen Rotunda!